1 Year Anniversary!

John and Frank have reached the 1 year mark with The Basement Surge! We would like to thank everyone who made it possible! All of our fellow podcasters and of course the audience for tuning in every week as John and Frank talk bullshit.

As we reflect on what it means to be a year old, the guys are doing a little restructuring. Over the course of the year we've seen which episodes the audience loved...and which ones they hated. And we've decided to bring you more content of all the things you guys want to see from us. That includes game reviews, cartoon/anime reviews, movie reviews, holiday specials and more live shows! We're thinning out talking about the bullshit and really trying to niche down in the coming season. We'll be taking on more guests on the show to expose to Frank and expanding on our Let's Play series on Twitch!

That's right, the Let's Play series is going live all the time now on Twitch so make sure you head over there and give us a follow. (Twitch)

We look forward to another year in this podcasting world and hope you stick around to see what we evolve into. #FeelTheSurge

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