Henry Cavill Cast in Highlander!

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

So if you haven't heard yet and are living under a rock, Henry Cavill has been cast in the NEW Highlander movie.

I have been a huge Highlander fan since I was a kid. My Highlander memories actually start with the tv show, Highlander: The Series with Adrian Paul as Duncan Macleod. The show would follow Duncan trying to survive other immortal confrontations along with his co-stars Tessa and Richie, who would eventually turn immortal himself. But the series was not only ass kicking with all the martial arts and swordplay but the immortals were also romanticized. So it appealed to both men and women...plus Adrian Paul was a fine specimen of a man, which helped the series.

But having had started with the tv show series, which started in 1992, because my Dad was a huge fan due to the original movie. So it was always on in the house. In 1992 when the show started, I was 9 years old and basically only watching for the action. I loved the martial arts and the beheadings, or what they call "The Quickening". It wasn't until I got into my teens when I started buying all the DVD's of the tv show and actually enjoyed the story and history behind the immortals.

I remember once I got into the tv show, I watched the movie with Christopher Lambert as Connor Macleod called Highlander and I didn't really like it, but I did see where the tv series was coming from. Highlander the movie was a typical 80's movie, and it was great for the time but by the time I got to see it, it must've been the mid 90's. But it set the base for the mythology of what was to come with Duncan and Connor would occasionally appear on the tv show which I loved.

Now, it has been 14 years since any Highlander movie has donned the silver screen. The last one being Highlander: The Source (2007) Highlander: The Source premiered on the Sci Fi Channel on September 15, 2007 and continues the canon of Highlander: The Series, taking place several years after Endgame. The film takes place in a future version of Earth where human society has descended into violence and chaos. Duncan MacLeod and a group of allies seek an energy well in Eastern Europe that may be the legendary Source of immortality, all while fighting the Guardian (Cristian Solimeno), an immortal empowered with superhuman abilities. The story and the mythology of the Source were meant to be expanded on with future films, but reception to The Source was largely negative and plans for follow-up stories were canceled. But The Source sucked.

Then out of nowhere, news breaks on social media that Henry Cavill has been cast in the next Highlander movie. Now, whether this is a reboot or a continuation in the mythology has yet to be told. We don't know if Henry is playing Connor, Duncan or someone totally new. Maybe Duncan's son? But immortals can't have children, so I don't know. His son would make sense because Henry does kind of look like Adrian when he was younger, but again immortals can't have kids so there goes that. But I love that he's been cast in the next movie for 2 reasons.

1. Henry has been cast in two roles which I think were totally made for him, he's been cast perfectly as Geralt from The Witcher and Superman (Man of Steel). In my opinion, those were perfect roles for him.

2. The second reason why I'm so excited for this is because, IT'S ANOTHER HIGHLANDER MOVIE!! I'm so freaking stoked for them to expand on the universe!

Judging by the way Henry looks in Witcher as Geralt, he's going to nail the flashback scenes in Highlander. I can totally see him rocking the long hair swinging swords, chopping heads!

There's no other news out on a release date, when filming starts, what the story is...there is no other news besides the fact that Henry has been cast in it. I hope they stick with the head chopping swordplay and not change it because of the whiny cancel culture.

My advice to the production team of the movie is this...stay true to the mythology, don't change the way The Quickening happens and give Henry a trench coat to hide his sword.

Everyone just needs to love this franchise and don't be a Karen. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!

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