Into the Basement | A Behind the Scenes Look Into Our Setup

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

So we've been getting a lot of questions from people asking us what our setup looks like. This includes things like, what microphones did you get? Do you edit your episodes? So I'm going to break it down with the equipment we started off to what we have now, because if you're new to podcasting and looking for a guide on how to setup your studio keep reading.

Frank and I recorded our first episode on February 7, 2020 and we released it the same day. We thought it was amazing. It sounded great, we had a decent format but now looking back at it from where we are now it's a little cringe worthy. BUT AT LEAST WE STARTED A PODCAST! In the weeks leading up to the first recording, I did so much research as to what to buy. Every article I read said you need to start out with an Audiotechnica ATR-2100 Dynamic microphone. So I bought two. Then of course I bought two cheap $13 boom arms with the springs on the sides. Two pop filters, two Audiotechnica headphones and shock mounts to complete the setup. And that was it! We were off creating a podcast.

Fast forward two months, I wanted to get a third mic for the studio so we can have another person on and I looked into getting another ATR-2100 but they were discontinued. So I did more research into another mic, I bought a Rode Podmic and I upgraded my boom arm to the Rode PSA1. The Podmic has a built in pop filter and shock mounts so I didn't need all the other accessories anymore. It was nice. We had also bought the Tascam 4x4 audio interface because we wanted to control our levels individually for the microphones and take out any coughs or interruptions on a specific mic. It worked real nicely for us.

So to summarize, if you're one man show invest in a dynamic usb mic you can connect straight to your computer and record. But if you have two people recording invest in an audio interface so you can separate those tracks.

It took us five months to save up enough money to get our dream piece of equipment. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on a Rodecaster Pro. But of course, the quarantine made it near impossible to get one because now everyone and their mother turned into a podcaster. So we had to wait a month from the time we ordered it before we actually got it. But it's so worth the wait.

There are four microphone inputs on it, so not only is each track separate but you can assign automatic levels and effects to the persons voice for specific microphones. There's sound pads, phone input, bluetooth connection and we can now record the show anywhere in the world because it negates a computer. It records directly onto a microusb card. We're going to start using it religiously in season 2 (starting July 20th). If you can save the money and pick one of these bad boys up then I really suggest you do. It'll dramatically increase the quality of your show.

Here's a list of the equipment we use:

And that's it! That's everything we use to make an episode of our show. But don't look at that list and say, hey I can't afford a lot of that. I'm a believer that if you really want to do a podcast, you can start recording on your phone. Record on an iPad. Just start recording and push out content and get things as you can afford them. Don't get discouraged and just podcast for fun, it'll grow by itself.

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