Jaws: The Unrecordable

So next week is our awesome Jaws episode, dropping this Monday. BUT! We’ve has some technical difficulties with recording.

Thursday night, John and Frank sat down with Jeff Hunt from Jeff Needs Help to record the Jaws episode. They had everything setup. Everyone was on Streamyard and we recorded on their AND we recorded locally in Adobe Audition.

So everyone spent the night talking about Jaws and the horrible sequels that it spawned and after about an hour and a half they were done with the episode.

The next day, John went down to the studio to edit and discovered that the audio to EVERYTHING they recorded was messed up. It sounded as if John and Frank were put through a digital meat grinder.

Now, tonight the guys are going to get back together and record Jaws once again...hopefully a little better this time and hopefully a lot clearer. We’ll keep you posted on updates

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