NEW EPISODES start October 3rd!

The Basement Surge will be RETURNING for Season 5 this October with fresh episodes about life, gaming, fatherhood, podcasting and so much more! We’re looking to our old friends to come back on and have some laughs as well as new guests to talk about amazing stories.

We’ll also be introducing new segments! John and Heather talk about family antics and how John deals with fatherhood in a segment called “Around The Dinner Table”.

And this season we’re welcoming a fresh batch of sponsors, so stay tuned for amazing products straight from Brooklyn!

Of course none of this would be possible without Johns wife Heather for giving the support to get back into podcasting. (You’re the best ). And to the man who started the movement to bring Surge back, Brendan from Dads Worldwide Podcast who created an online petition to bring our show back. Consider yourself a part of the team brother.

So, everyone join us at Surge Nation on October 3rd for all new episodes. And of course, you can see everything coming out of the Basement on our official website

See you there!

We put out new podcast episodes every Monday available on whatever platform you listen to podcasts! So make sure you subscribe.

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